Oona Design  Handcrafted Jewellery

My jewellery designs are intricately handmade contemporary pieces. I have been working with glass and/or silver beads that I thread with a thin nylon thread. This method of making is a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, with everything linked and tight to each other.

I am inspired by my Turkish heritage, European upbringing, and my recent years living in Australia. My design work explores natural shapes, sacred geometric patterns and structures, and cultural and spiritual symbols.

The simplicity, lightness, light and shadow plays of each piece explore the mathematics of nature, electron microscope photography, and Platonic solids which are geometric representations of the five elements that make up the material world.

My design philosophy is to create objects that have meaning, are delicate, simple, useful and beautiful.

“Beads encapsulate the past, including history, technology, abstract thinking, sensibility, art, and superstition. They provide a window into the past that few other artifact do”. Jamey D. Allen, in Hemachandra, R. and Carren, R. 2011. Masters Polymer Clay: major works by leading artists.